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Trade Artwork

Raw Opposition
Luke Goss during the second day of filming "the Cactus" sequence".

Feeling The Heat
Exec. Producer Chad Stalcup heats up with the "flame Bar" just prior to being used during a key "Nightmare" sequence.

Chasing The Light
Director Hart, A.C. Russel Macway, and 1rst A.D John Elmore. hustle to capture elements on a desolate highway at 60 mph. A sequence entitled "Hell Bent".

The Shape Of Things...
Luke assesses the first shot of a very complicated two day shoot... a suspense/thriller sequence that pulls no punches.

Luke Goss
During the break neck 10 day shooting schedule, Luke Goss never ceased to amaze me. A true team player with a heart of gold... His performances were always "true"... and we always challenged each other to not fall into the trappings of formulaic storytelling. This photo was taken on our last day. A bitter sweet moment after a year long physical and emotional journey together.

Nov 12 2006
After a year of post, we begin the last stage of production. Picking up scenes that were left undone due to sever weather conditions. I have less than 4 days to travel across thousands of miles before production begins. Luke's schedule is tight so we opt to concentrate on Yuma Arizona. The diversity of Saguaro, sand dunes, Mts and most importantly nearby civilization make it a very fertile location for our production.

Skulls play a major role in a key sequence of our picture. In our quest to find the most authentic available we searched in Los Angeles, London, Texas and in the 11th hour we discovered the finest replicas available were actually less than 30 miles from my home. Skulls unlimited were gracious enough to provide us with several replicas at an "Indie" rate. This company has been featured on The Discovery channel and were a true diamond in the rough.

The Crew
Though a smaller crew than the first run... the consensus is that this is a well oiled machine. Everyone does a great job of multi tasking. Which helps us get ahead of schedule... and stay on track. All involved were like family... and are dearly missed.

Day Off
After speaking to the medic and discovering that you can end up with an amputated arm... I opted to operate camera rather than body double.

Kevin Ellis - D.P.
I was very fortunate to re-team with my very good friend Kevin Ellis on the second phase of photography. Our ties go back to the genesis of this project 6 years prior. The two of us spent our vacation time in a hot desolate Texas location shooting our award winning short thriller "Dead End". It was this project that helped bring everyone on board and 6 years later we're still taking our vacation time off to complete another labor of love.

Base Camp

Suffer for Art
Bone Dry has been an emotional and physical journey for all involved. Within the first week of scouting and production in Yuma, Alone, I managed to have 2 blow outs in the middle of nowhere, 1 high centered Tahoe on top of a peak, and a lap top accidentally banged up by crew members. Two years ago we went into the desert with dreams... I came out on foot w/o a car, and many other earthly possessions. But we have a very promising film with an incredible cast.

John Nolan
Single handedly made this production happen. It's incomprehensible to imagine us completing the breakneck pace of production w/o his steadfast producing skills. Together we managed to bring it all in on schedule and with half the prep time usually required.

Note from producer Greg Hughs
Brett, I wanted to touch base with you and let you know about some of the feedback I'm getting from distributors. Absolutely through the roof! Everyone I've spoken to has really enjoyed the rough cut and have praised your filmmaking skills. We are really generating some serious interest. I have been taking calls daily from distributors asking for DVD copies of the cut we posted on the web. Greg

Bone Dry Update
After months of editing... I finally finished the rough cut of Bone Dry. The project has exceeded my expectations. Close to 5 years have been spent bringing this vision to life. The cast, locations, performance and visuals are all top notch. Everyone gave their heart and soul for this project... creating something very special. I'm very proud of all those who have taken this journey with us... and the work we've created together.

August 25 2005
We're finally able to post more images from the picture. The footage looks fantastic! Trained on the Avid, I'm having to learn Final Cut at home. An experimental rough cut of the trailer has received very enthusiastic responses. To finally be able to view the footage after four years of developing the project is a dream come true. The picture is earnest, passionate and has first rate performances that I always strove to capture. Our cast, crew, and partners have done a first rate job on Bone Dry. I can't thank them enough. I hope to be able to post the trailer within the next couple of weeks.

Production July-Aug 2005
Pictures are worth a 1,000 words... So attached below are images from the last 4 weeks of shooting. This production has been a testament to all those involved. Heat patterns have broken over 130 degrees on one day then flash floods the next. The performances from Luke, Lance, Dee Wallace, Tiny Lister and our newcomers Carl, Chad, and Richard have all been first rate. The crew have been given the title "The Iron Clad" by Lance, due to their unwavering commitment. We are very fortunate that all involved are excited by the script and the outstanding dailies... This feature is successfully capturing the spirit of those 70's pictures that inspired it... and we are all very proud of this rare opportunity to create something that will stand out and leave audiences with resonance.

Death Valley

Brett and I took a 6-hour detour that yielded The Racetrack, a place where rocks mysteriously move around a dry lake bed.

Okay, we're taking some crazy risks here, but they're worth it! My car's been put through the ringer, but we've found some amazing locations. Brett and I took a 6-hour detour that yielded The Racetrack, a place where rocks mysteriously move around a dry lake bed. Look at the tracks!

Then we got lost and took a road that I later found out was designated a Class III-to-Impassible road. But the good ol' BMW handled it fine.

Our Cast

As part of the pop duo Bros, Luke received the Brit award for best newcomer.He also played New York's Madison square Gardens, filled Wembley Arena 10 times and sold out Wembley Stadium to a capacity audience of 68,000 people.

Eddie = Luke Goss Luke's a new-comer from England, but he's quite a looker and a damn fine actor.

Jimmy = Lance Henriksen Lance is a true Hollywood veteran. Both of their bios are below.

LUKE GOSS As part of the pop duo Bros, Luke received the Brit award for best newcomer.He also played New York's Madison square Gardens, filled Wembley Arena 10 times and sold out Wembley Stadium to a capacity audience of 68,000 people. He has completed 2 world tours, released 13 hit singles, 3 albums and the video of the album 'The Big Push' sold 250,000 copies which was a record at the time. After 5 successful years in the music industry Luke wrote his first book 'I Owe You Nothing ',which spent several weeks in the top 10 best sellers list and went to 3 reprints.

He then decided to persue his acting ambitions.after many offers Luke accepted the lead role in the musical play 'Plan 9 From Outer Space', based on an Ed Wood screenplay. British entertainment magazine Empire said 'His move is a shrewd one'. In Feb 1997 he starred in the touring musical 'What A Feeling', which played to full houses all over the UK. After enjoying his performance at London's Palladium Theatre, The producers of the smash hit musical 'Grease' offered Luke the starring role as Danny in the West End production. After a huge success in London, he went on to front the touring show, which was voted the most successful British tour two years in a row. Luke has also presented his own shows on MTV, VH1, interviewed Michael Caine for an American TV network, recorded radio plays for the BBC,as well as being the face of Hyundai Cars for their TV advertising campaign.

LANCE HENRIKSEN Lance Henriksen Versatile actor Lance Henriksen has starred in a wide variety of films which exemplify the diversity of his talent, and he has worked with some of the most prominent directors in the motion picture industry. Henriksen recently starred in Twentieth Century Fox's summer release, "AVP: Alien Versus Predator."

In "AVP," Henriksen portrayed as 'Charles Bishop Weyland,' a zealous billionaire industrialist who finances an expedition hoping to locate an ancient pyramid buried in the ice of the Antarctic. However, the team of scientists and adventurers make a terrifying discovery when they uncover two alien races who are engaged in the ultimate battle. "AVP" is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and produced by John Davis.

The actor also appeared on the TNT Original movie, "Evel Knievel," directed by John Badham and executive produced by Mel Gibson. Henriksen portrayed 'Awful Knoffel' in this project based on the life of the famed daredevil, played by George Eads.

Henriksen starred for three seasons (1996-1999) on "Millennium," Fox-TV's critically acclaimed series created by Chris Carter ("The X-Files"). Henriksen's performance as 'Frank Black,' a retired FBI agent who has the ability to get inside the minds of killers, garnered three consecutive Golden Globe nominations for "Best Performance by a Lead Actor in a Drama Series" and a People's Choice Award nomination for "Favorite New TV Male Star." FOX Home Entertainment has just released the first season of "Millennium" on DVD.

Born in New York, Henriksen studied at the Actors Studio and began his career Off Broadway in Eugene O'Neill's "Three Plays of the Sea." One of his first film appearances was for director Sidney Lumet in "Dog Day Afternoon," followed by Lumet's "Network" and "Prince of the City." Henriksen then appeared in Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" with Richard Dreyfuss and Francois Truffaut, "Damien: Omen II" and director Philip Kaufman's "The Right Stuff," in which Henriksen portrayed Mercury astronaut 'Lieutenant Commander Walter Schirra, Jr.'

James Cameron cast Henriksen in his first directorial effort, "Piranha Part Two: The Spawning," followed by "The Terminator," and he next featured him as android 'Bishop' in the sci-fi classic, "Aliens." Director Sam Raimi, who cast the actor in "The Quick and the Dead" opposite Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone and Gene Hackman, says, "Lance is a brilliant performer who goes way beyond acting. He becomes his character completely, leaving no trace of his former self and making something of every moment on screen."

Henriksen's additional feature credits include Kathryn Bigelow's cult vampire film "Near Dark," "Jagged Edge," "Pumpkinhead," "The Horror Show," "Survival Quest," director Walter Hill's "Johnny Handsome," "The Pit and the Pendulum," writer/director Bruce Robinson's "Jennifer Eight," "Alien 3," director Richard Rush's "Color of Night," "Powder," writer/director Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man," Disney's animated feature "Tarzan" and director John Woo's first American film, "Hard Target," for which Henriksen received a Saturn Award as Best Supporting Actor.

He was nominated for a Golden Satellite Award for his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in the TNT original film "The Day Lincoln Was Shot," and he had starring roles in PBS' Emmy-winning "Dark End of the Street" and HBO's "Tales from the Crypt," "Cutting Cards" and "Yellow." Henriksen also played Charles Bronson in the television movie "Reason for Living: The Jill Ireland Story."

In addition to his abilities as an actor, Henriksen is an accomplished painter and potter. His talent as a ceramist has enabled him to create some of the most unusual ceramic artworks available on the art market today.

Henriksen resides in Southern California with his wife Jane and their five-year-old daughter Sage.

Luke's scenes begin about a minute into the trailer.

The star of our film, Luke Goss, has a new film with Samuel Jackson coming out in September. Here's a link:

Luke's scenes begin about a minute into the trailer.